When Egg-brandishing Hungarians Attack!

Am I wrong to get a kick out of this?

HAHA #1: Ballmer got egged.

HAHA #2: The Hungarian geek throws like a girl.

HAHA #3: The awkward feeling throughout the whole video.

So why did this happen? The guy was apparently upset about some deal that Microsoft made in Hungary that apparently broke every rule in the book. And by “the book” I mean the law.

My understanding is that Microsoft signed a deal with the Hungarian educational system that charges a licensing fee for Windows usage on every single computer whether or not the computer uses Windows or not. In other words, universities will “encourage” faculty and staff to use Windows instead of Mac OSX or Linux.

Sound confusing? Probably because I don’t have all the details right, but that’s okay. The point of the story is that accusatory, egg-chucking, Hungarian geeks + Microsoft CEO = awkward hilarity.


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