Everybody Ought’a Go to Sunday School…


Yes, I did just quote the opening lyrics to the most annoying song a mother can sing in the morning.

However, I am going to church this morning, and I’m happy about it. I’m happy that in my church, there will (almost definitely) not be any swearing in the pulpit. There will not be any anti-American political rhetoric. There won’t be any racist statements made by my pastor. As a matter of fact, I might be able to say that I’m actually (wait for it)……..PROUD of my church.

Apparently Barack Obama is no longer proud to be a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He and his family removed themselves as members.

Obama told reporters he didn’t want his “church experience to be a political circus — I think most American people will understand that, and wouldn’t want to subject their church to that, either.” He said it has been “months” since he has attended Trinity.

Obama said he also regrets “all the attention that my campaign has visited on” the church.

Well, Mr. presidential candidate, how about regretting all of the filth being spewed from the pulpit of the church you’ve been helping support for decades?

After watching visiting preacher Michael Phleger go on a race-driven rampage and swear in the pulpit, I realized that I really haven’t heard much about God from this church (except when Rev. Wright said, “God **** America!”). I’ve heard a lot about race. I’ve heard a lot about white people being arrogant slave-owners. I’ve heard a lot about political issues. But I haven’t heard much about God.

I’ve seen more than just the 30-second clips. I’ve seen a lot of this stuff in context, 5 minutes at a time (thank you, Glenn Beck), and the message is always the same.

So now I’ll get back to finishing up the media (I’ve been here since 7:00), and enjoy a service that focuses on worshipping Jesus, hearing about Jesus, and praying to Jesus. What a novel concept.

And, before I forget…

Obama, you’re still in trouble. Get ready for a long election.


One thought on “Everybody Ought’a Go to Sunday School…

  1. Matthew D. says:

    The way Obama’s church responded to Phleger (or the fact that they invited him at all given his history) makes it all so much clearer that the Wright comments engendering bitterness against white Americans were not a unique event – it is fundamental to the church.

    Apparently it is becoming too uncomfortable (politically) for Obama, but he obviously doesn’t disagree that much (or just wants to suck up to that portion of the community).

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