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To whom it may concern (or not):

You may have noticed my rate of blogging has slowed tremendously over the course of the past few weeks. Then again, I should probably realize that there are probably about 5 people who actually read this thing, and they probably already know why I haven’t been blogging lately.

And for those of you who accidentally stumbled in and don’t know what this pathetic little thing is, I apologize right now (I felt the need to get that out of the way).

Reason #1 I’m not blogging as often: I’m BUSY!

This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s good that I’m getting more clients, but it’s bad in that I’m literally staying up until 2 AM trying to wrap up editing a batch of pictures. There are also about 1,000 other things going on at the church that are making life hectic, but it’s better busy than bored, right?

Between Senior Camp, 3 sets of families to shoot/edit, one wedding in Salem, Illinois to drive to/shoot/drive back from, a Reality Youth remodeling (that I haven’t been able to help in as much as I’d like unfortunately…(sorry, Baron! I’m getting those paintings done by the time I leave tomorrow: promise!)), a L1FT trip to plan for, messages to prepare for an upcoming youth retreat, and other random stuff, I’m just really behind on just about everything. The past 3 weeks have just slammed me to the wall and rubbed deviled eggs in my face. I consider deviled eggs to be the food of Satan, by the way.

The business is also why you might have received a message from AT&T saying, “This customer’s mailbox is currently full,” when you tried to call me.

Reason #2 I’m not blogging as often: Twitter.

Twitter allows me to kind of “mini blog” with my cell phone while I’m out and about. It’s also a great way to keep up with those people you don’t get to see or talk to very often. It’s hard to explain without sounding stupid, but the service is currently exploding across the globe, and it’s easy to see why after you’ve used it for a while.

My Twitter

Shari’s Twitter

POBC’s Twitter

Reason #3 I’m not blogging as often: I’m just completely tired all day, every day.

I’ve given up Mountain Dew.

Well, sort of. My consumptions levels are almost nil as I write this, so I’m waiting for my body to compensate and become less caffeine dependent, and………


…Sorry about that. I dozed off for 30 minutes.

I’m not sure how much is has to do with everything, but I just can’t muster up any energy to sit down and write a blog posting, and I’m not sure how I’ve sat down and spend the last 5 minutes writing this one.

I mean 35 minutes, since…you know…I fell asleep and stuff.

Now I’ve gotta finish editing Tim and Jenny’s pictures so I can go to the church and paint some abstract art! Ta ta.


Joe/Michelle/Alexandra Campanella

Finally getting around to posting these family portraits from the Campanella shoot. The guys were so loose and relaxed; it was a blast.

Thanks, guys!

Tiger Woods: The Best(?)


Just kidding. Of course he’s the best! And I don’t mean the best today, the best of this generation, or even the best golfer. I think Tiger Woods is the best athlete of all-time.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not exactly a Tiger Woods fan. I’m more a Phil Mickelson (yes, “the chokemaster”) kind of guy, but I can’t deny the fact that what Tiger Woods has accomplished in his 32 years on this planet has been nothing short of un-friggin-believable.

He’s still a young man, especially as far as golf is concerned, and he’s nearing up on breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record for the most majors won. But what makes his most recent win at the U.S. Open even more incredible is the fact that throughout the entire round, he was struggling through a torn ligament in high left knee, which will now require surgery. Not enough? He also sustained a double stress fracture in his left tibia while rehabbing from a surgery after The Masters.

What has made Tiger Woods so great is his amazing desire and determination to win, no matter the cost. Many people speculated (initially) that Tiger might be exaggerating or even faking his injury in order to add drama to his win or give him a viable excuse should he come up short.

Well, that’s just stupid.

I’m not too happy when I hear about Tiger dropping F-bombs on national TV or losing his temper in a very public way, but I hope that one day I can develop the unstoppable desire to be the absolute best I can be. Sure, I’d like to think that I’m relentlessly pursuing my dreams, but am I really running at 100%? Of course not; it’s probably somewhere closer to 50%, and most people, if they’re honest with themselves, would say something similar.

To be the best, you have to work the hardest. To work the hardest, you have to really, truly believe in what you’re doing. The question is this: HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT?

A Man Named “God”

Apparently, God is selling cocaine in Florida


Police say a man named God was arrested near a Tampa church for selling cocaine. Authorities began investigating God Lucky Howard in April, and he was arrested on Saturday. Police say he sold the cocaine to undercover detectives in his neighborhood. When officers searched his home, they reported finding another 22 grams of cocaine and a scale.

First of all, who would name their kid God? Don’t you think that kids already have enough trouble meeting their parents’ expectations?

Secondly, I thought “Luck” was God’s middle name…not “Lucky.”

The Great Jowling Experiment™

I began doing something similar to “jowling” when I got my very first digital camera, a little 3.2 megapixel point-and-shoot. I didn’t know what it was called, and I can’t find the pictures in my archives anywhere, but my brother, Brad Smoak, and I stayed up late one night figuring out how to take the most grotesque pictures imaginable.

Cue 2008, when Steven Myers and Michael Jordan introduced me to the term “jowling” by posting a few images of themselves on a message board. I knew I wanted to shoot some jowling pictures of my own, but I’m enjoying it so much, and enjoyed posting Baron’s jowling pictures so much…

…that I decided to start THE GREAT JOWLING EXPERIMENT. These are the first four jowling sequences of many to come.

Wes Thwing (this one is just great):


Yours Truly:


Chris Adcock:


The Campanella Family: Preview

It’s going to be at least later next week until I’m done with this set, but I couldn’t resist posting this one of the absolutely adorable Alexandra.


The Campanella family is the kind of photo shoot that you always hope for: they were incredibly nice, free-spirited in front of the camera, and more than willing to do anything. The rain threatened throughout the whole morning, and we had some wind to fight with, but it turned out great.

My thanks go out to the Campanellas. You guys rock!

A How-To Guide…


1. Buy a camera with high shutter speed capabilities. In this case, 1/8000 of a second.

2. Talk them into “jowling” for the camera, and pretend like it’s just to have fun…NOT for posting on the Internet.

3. Post it to the Internet.

He's Gonna Kill Me

4. Go into hiding.

Leah Lee


Think of the Children

I don’t have much time, so this will be brief.

Cristiano Ronaldo thinks of the children

Ronaldo Scores

‘I managed to score, and my goal is dedicated to the Red Cross. I’m thinking about the children and that makes me very proud.’


And, Ronaldo…we’re proud of you for being proud of you for thinking about the children!

Maybe something was lost in translation? Maybe in Portuguese that sounded a lot more gracious, but it came out as something more like, “Man, I can’t believe I’m so thoughtful that I dedicated my goal to the Red Cross and the children!”

How about donating a few million “Euros” to the Red Cross instead of a goal?

And again I say, “Go Spain!”

More Proof Apple “Gets It”

Disclaimer: this is not a 3G iPhone post. Yes, I love it. Yes, I’m tempted. Yes, it’s a great day, blah, blah, blah…

This is about design, period. More specifically, this is about simplicity being part of good design. Some friends directed me this way this morning. I thought I’d share…

UGLY: Windows startup screen.


Notice anything? Perhaps this will help:


5 Copyright marks, colored in yellow.

Microsoft listed 3 times, colored in red.

And to show you how to do it properly, I present to you Apple’s Mac OSX startup screen.



It’s nice to be a fan of a company who understands design, brand recognition, and class.