From the Land of the Dead…

I’ve had a few texts and Emails from people wondering why my blog has turned into a barren wasteland, ghost town, etc…

So I’m not dead. I’m not burned out from blogging. I’m not even fulfilling one of my secret missions as a CIA operative. I’ve been…”busy.”

The wife and I arrived late Sunday night in Crestview, Florida (slightly north of Destin). And thus the chaos began…

Monday: burned badly by Sol.

Tuesday: stuck inside the house, where there is no WiFi, attempting to manage the burning sensation.

Wednesday: a massive virus attacks my body and renders me completely useless for 24+ hours. I will not go into detail, but my body will never again be the same. I’m sure of it. I actually remember praying at one point, “God, either kill me or heal me. Either one will work!”

Today, I’m sitting in a What-a-burger, only because it’s the only location in this area that I’m certain offers free wireless. So I’ve been sipping on a drink and catching up on dozens of Emails, tons of Facebook/MySpace messages, perusing my favorite photographers’ blogs, and trying to make up for days worth of lost Internet.

Thanks for the concern, faithful friends. Now let’s see if I can scrape out some enjoyment out of this little vacation!


One thought on “From the Land of the Dead…

  1. Jessy says:

    I wondered why all of those Punjabi militants died mysteriously this week. It all makes sense now.

    Actually I didn’t even realize you were MIA. I haven’t logged any time here recently. So sorry.

    You’ll hate me for this too… I totally missed my chance to photograph a train car that said “Life is more than a time card – take it back”. It was sitting less than 2 miles from my house in the perfect “urban” setting for 2 weeks… waiting for me to shoot it… and I let it ride away. so sad.

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