Muchos Gracias!

I feel compelled to thank all the well-wishers who said a prayer and/or followed up on me concerning the surgery. Everything seems to have gone very well. I’m healing up well, but something life-altering happened Friday that I felt compelled to share.

The doc prescribed me Percocet, which I wasn’t exactly thrilled about. I’m not a fan of any kind of medication, to be honest, but I knew it would probably be a good idea to take it. If the doctor says, “You’re going to be hurting,” then you’re probably going to be hurting. Simple.

Unfortunately, a side effect of Percocet that I never heard about seems to be the hiccups. I’m not talking about a “hic” every ten minutes or so. I’m talking about *HIC-CUUUUP* every few seconds for five straight hours. Sound annoying?

Saturday morning, it felt like someone had been pounding on my sternum with a hammer for five hours straight, as opposed to me hiccuping for five hours straight. I switched meds. All better.

Anyways, thank you again! Love all of you.

Side note: my dad randomly decides to hop on a tractor in dress shirts while at work. Proof:

His Job?


One thought on “Muchos Gracias!

  1. Chasity says:

    I love that about Pastor Dean!! lol It is funny that he didn’t change his shirt though. I guess as long as he went straight home and not to a meeting after he was done it’s ok… if ya want my opinion!!!

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