Darron & Chasity

Finally finished up this set. Shari and I (predictably) laughed up a storm, had a blast, and got a dirty look from a laundromat patron with Darron and Chas. We love you guys! For real.

There will be more with Chasity and Darron after their wedding in June. I’m unbelievably honored and pumped up about it. Can’t wait!


A Surreal Kiss


3 thoughts on “Darron & Chasity

  1. Heather says:

    Ryan, these are fantastic!

    I absolutely love the one of them kissing in the field! You are an amazing photographer!

    Can’t wait to see the ones from the wedding!

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Thank ya much, ma’am. : )

    Words cannot express how pumped up I am about the trip and the wedding. I’ll definitely have to snap a shot of my buddy Kris and photoshop a lightsaber in his hands (that is an OOOOLD inside joke).

  3. Chasity says:


    Of course you already know how excited we are abut the engagement shoot, it was a BLAST, a few remarks and conversations were deleted from my memory, BUT other than that it was a wonderful day!!
    Can’t wait for the wedding!!! Love ya and thanks again!!

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