Swing, Swing

I did something stupid last week. I played golf.

Let’s get one thing straight: I will never be a great golfer. A great golfer practices a LOT. He spends a LOT of money on clubs, balls, green fees, driving ranges, videos, magazines, and all the other random paraphernalia that golfers seems to need. He fills his life with a LOT of frustration that seems to go hand-in-hand with golf.

I don’t have the money, time, or the masochistic side that a golfer seems to require. So I golf from time to time for three reasons: the enjoyment of being outdoors at a beautiful place, the opportunity to be in a relaxed environment with my friends, and the opportunity to take some pictures.

I’m not even sure what I shot, mostly because I stopped keeping my score, but I only made one par and two bogies; everything else was a double bogey or worse. I could make the case that I am the worst golfer that I know personally.

Regardless, I had a good time with my old friend Brad, who IS a really, really good golfer. He felt a big conspicuous with me taking shots from time to time, and kept demanding that I warn him so he could tuck some of his hair under his hat, but I still managed to get some fun shots.

A lot are heavily edited, but I was just having lots of fun in Photoshop. The great part is that we had beautiful skies to work with, which is apparent in any that show the clouds. My favorite is the first, which actually had the least amount of editing. I love these shallow depth of field shots.


Crazy Skies

Sink the Putt!


Golf in B&W


One thought on “Swing, Swing

  1. Matthew D. says:

    Golf, in my slightly biased opinion, was invented just to have fun shooting little white round things at wildlife.

    The people who are good at it just don’t know how to enjoy themselves properly 😉

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