For the third time in my life, I’m getting gassed and going under the knife. The first time it was to have my tonsils removed. No big deal. The second time was an emergency appendectomy.

I woke up one morning and had this weird pain in my stomach. I was still living at home back then, so my mom saw me walking around clutching my stomach she made a wonderful suggestion: “Don’t worry about it, Ryan. It’s just gas.”

I know gas. This wasn’t gas. So, based on a hunch, I did a quick Wikipedia search on appendicitis. What I found was a quick method of checking whether or not you had appendicitis. Here were the instructions:

1. Take your fingers and place them halfway between the naval and the right hip bone.


2. Press down firmly in that region.


3. Release your hand from the region.


4. If you feel a strong pain, you need to proceed to the emergency room.

Beyond done. I was on the floor gurgling in pain at this point.

So I went to the emergency room and found out within an hour that they were prepping the surgery room. My appendix was COMING OUT. So here I sit today, without an appendix. Are you wondering why I have to experience another surgery?

I have a cyst on the base of my neck, nestled up against my spinal column. A cyst typically isn’t a problem, but if it was to become infected, it could turn into a major problem since it’s so close to my spinal cord. In other words, just like my appendix, it has to come out.

This is the reason I brought it up…

IF the doctor permits (and I don’t think he will), I’m going to ask if one of them can take a picture of them removing it from my neck. If they allow it, I’m going to post the picture here on the blog so you can all see what the inside of my neck looks like.

So be sure to keep up with the blog over the next few weeks. Or if you’re squeamish, DON’T check my blog the day after the surgery. I’ll warn you in advance.

So keep me in your prayers. Also keep Celeste Fife in your prayers. She’s a student in my youth group who had a bad wreck last Sunday. She’ll be fine, but she’s dealing with some anxiety issues as a result of the wreck, and I believe God can help her through that. The mental recovery is sometimes just as difficult as the physical.

5 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. Matthew D. says:



    Doctors scare the crap out of me.

    That said, no worries! 😉

  2. Heather says:

    OH MY COW!!! How wonderfully morbid that would be to see!! ::crossed fingers::

    I hope they will!

  3. ryanaustindean says:

    To share my neck innards with everyone would be splendid.

  4. James Wilder says:

    You’ll be in prayer. Anything near the spinal cord should be taken seriously. Glad to hear doctors are being pro-active.

  5. Lorelei says:

    omygoodness… definitely sending prayers your way!!

    and yeah, warnings would be nice… I might have to cover my eyes and do a “through the fingers-peeking”.. yeah I’m that squeamish :/

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