Today is April 7, 2008.

Know what that marks? My second anniversary. That’s right; Shari and I have been married for two years. 730 days. 17,520 hours. Over 1,000,000 minutes!

Actually, it’s a leap year, so it’s 731 days…but that’s not the point

The point is that I’ve spent two entire years married to the girl I met on a basketball court in the hot, humid, miserable blip on the radar known as Tioga, Louisiana. Four break-ups later, we were married in a chapel just outside of Houston, Texas with only our families and a very small handful of friends in attendance.

I’m not going to get too sappy and sentimental on my blog (it would probably gross Shari out too), but the past two years have been absolutely crazy. Life’s not perfect; not even with the one you love, but I wouldn’t trade what we have for the world (or a 1DS Mark III).

When she left to visit her parents for a week during Spring Break, I had a strange reminder of what life would be like without her. Briefly: it stunk. I was dirtier, lonelier, geekier, and generally a pathetic mess.

1,000,000+ minutes into this thing, I still drive back home with a smile on my face, knowing I’ll be back home with my lady in just a few minutes.

Without my wife, my life would be awful. Happy anniversary, babe. I love you.


5 thoughts on “2

  1. Ryan J says:

    Congrats, man! We just celebrated our first anniversary in January. 🙂

  2. Than says:

    Hey guys,

    Congratulations. I wish you many more happy years.

  3. Lorelei says:

    Aww Happy 2 years!! I’ll be celebrating mine with my hubster exactly a week from today 😀

    And nice new site (I’m assuming it’s new since I only saw it recently lol)… looks awesome Ryan!

  4. ryanaustindean says:

    Thank y’all! And congrats to you guys as well.

    Lorelei, thanks for the comments on the site. I’m actually getting a new one created from the ground up soon; too many people say the current one is slow loading, especially in the gallery.

  5. Toby says:

    WOOOOOOHOOOO..awe and just to think..i was there on that backetball humid court also…trying to MAKE ry go talk to her..but he was a bit nervous…but FINALLY..it happend and they have been together ever since..minus a few bumps…im so glad to call both of you two of my very best and closest friends…

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