We don’t read.

We don’t fight for our marriages.

We don’t hold doors open for strangers.

We don’t believe we deserve discipline…ever.

We disdain the views and advice of our elders.

We watch our weight closer than we watch our tempers.

We believe in a god, but not a god who knows what’s best for us.

We don’t know how to distinguish good music from rubbish (*cough*emo*cough*rap*cough*).

We believe love is a feeling that comes and goes easily and doesn’t require nurturing.

We wear Chucks (Okay, so maybe that’s not so different).

We can tell you all about our favored politician’s views, but we can’t list the 10 Commandments.

We hate our parents for not knowing how to raise us “properly.”

We haven’t learned to properly appreciate Twitter yet (What’s wrong with you people?).

We think a college diploma is more necessary than an education (think about that one).

We use drugs as a solution to a problem we can’t even identify.

We actually read the comments to videos on YouTube (one day someone’s head will explode from those things).

We support 4,200,000 pornographic Internet sites.

We are taught to love ourselves, but learn little about loving others.

We get our self-esteem largely from the failures of others.

We know what “ROFL” and “OMG” mean, but “patience” is an archaic word.

We watch countless movies made by guiltless people without even realizing the messages they promote.

We don’t appreciate honest criticism.

We don’t pray.

So the question is this: WHEN WILL YOU STOP BEING A “WE,” AND START BEING AN “I?”

More coming on this topic…

[EDIT] Please note this post is not advocating people avoid college. 😉


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