Dreaming of a White Easter…

It snowed. Again. In Louisiana.

In March.

This is really unbelievable. Sure, it only stuck until about 3:00, when the snow turned to sleet and the white yards turned into muddy disasters, but it was snow! Unless my memory is fading already, this is the only time it has snowed twice in one “winter” in the 20 years that my family has lived here.

Apple wasn’t too happy with the snow. She kept growling at the falling snow, but finally went out into the grass…after I threw her out there.

Apple in the Snow

Apple Snow Vignette

Snowy Road Hill

Mr. Snow Dwarf


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White Easter…

  1. Ryan J says:

    Those are some awesome shots, man! The first one with the dog looking back toward you is my favorite. 🙂

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Thank you, Ryan. I like that shot too; she was so insulted that I just tossed her out there. She hated it.

  3. Matthew D. says:

    Great pics… yeah, it snowed here in the big D as well. So weird, but it was almost instantly gone.

  4. ryanaustindean says:

    Matt, I was in Dallas for New Year’s Eve on January 1 of ’01. That’s when there was a great snowfall here in LA, but in Dallas it iced all of the roads over. I spent the entire night watching TV in my brother’s apartment instead of out with friends from Arlington. Your Dallas comment sparked that memory, so I typed it out in a moment of boredom.

    This time I didn’t miss it. It was beautiful. I did hear you guys had the snow first though. Didn’t know it was in/out so quickly.

  5. Mel Watson says:

    I love the little snowman!! Last year in TN it was 75 degrees for Easter then the next weekend it snowed!! Crazy crazy weather.

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