Okay, Fine…

I understand that John McCain is the Republican nominee. Borrrrring. I also understand that Hillary (I screech when I speak) and Obama (I can talk for 30 minutes without saying a thing) are each going to be a pretty pathetic candidate…

But I did hear a rumor that tickled my ears a bit. There’s a man who was a successful, highly-regarded Congressman until 2002, when he opted out of politics in order to “spend more time with his family.” His name is J.C. Watts, and I wish he was the one running for President. Lately, he’s been rumored as a possible running mate for his good friend, John McCain.

J.C. Watts

If we really wanted a real unifying figure who didn’t compromise principles, then J.C. Watts would’ve been our guy. If we really wanted to show the world that we’re moving out of racism and into a colorblind 21st century, Watts would’ve been our guy. If we really wanted someone who was qualified, articulate, and undeniably brilliant, Watts would’ve been our guy.

So if McCain does manage to pull Watts back out of the public sector and into the Vice Presidential candidacy, I hope that he uses it as a stepping stone into the White House. He’s only 50-years-old, and he still has a bright future ahead. He would represent America better than anyone since Reagan. Please, oh, please…

Watts in 2016!


One thought on “Okay, Fine…

  1. Rex Barrett says:

    I’m from Oklahoma and a fellow poster on macnn, by the way. We’d all love to see JC move forward in politics, but as we know here, there is baggage to be found.

    Towards the end of his political career there were some difficulties and if he ran again I’m sure the sharks in the media would smell blood.

    I wish, but I doubt he’ll do it.

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