Whoa, Say That Again…

John McCain: Freudian slip?

Seriously, Republicans…is this the best you can do?. The John McCains in power are the reason I’m an independent conservative.


4 thoughts on “Whoa, Say That Again…

  1. Matthew D. says:

    Oh boy. Just keeps making you look more and more forward to the next four years doesn’t it?

  2. man…. We’re gonna be saying the same thing this year as the Democrats said 4 and 8 years ago. GOSH!

  3. ryanaustindean says:

    I guarantee you guys that the next several years will be the most interesting in talk radio history, regardless of which of the three make it into the White House.

  4. lpointer says:

    Yes, I guess if your’e going to run for prez you should never fumble your words. I know that’s never happened to me or anyone I know. Rather have this guy then the other two choices…that really is scary.

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