Okay, my photography site is finished. Did you hear that? Finished…except for one, tiny, itsy-bitsy thing.

No, I’m not sharing the link yet. I’m not telling you the URL. I’m not going to give you a sneak peek (primarily because it’s nothing special at all. And the reason I’m not letting you go there yet is one that seems kind of silly: I don’t have a picture of myself that I can put on the “About Us” page.

I’m usually behind the lens, not in front of it. This is the way I like it. I’m not uncomfortable with having my picture taken, but I am a bit of a control freak and I like to be in charge of how the shot is set up, composed, and executed. Therefore no one even wants to take a picture of me, and I can’t blame them.

So because I never have my picture taken and my anal-retentiveness prohibits people from trying, I’m not ready to make my site public. Tomorrow morning I’m going to get in my “comfortable yet not embarrassing” clothes, make sure the hair isn’t ridiculous, brush my teeth an extra 30 strokes, and try to get someone at the office to take a picture. I would get Shari to do it since she’s gotten so much better at handling the camera, but she’ll be at school all day.

Regardless, I’ll try to get that last piece of the puzzle in place so I can show you guys my site tomorrow.

Keep in mind that my site is going to be temporary until that day when spending money on a website template from somewhere like BluDomain over spending money on new equipment is a wise option. Hopefully in a year or so I’ll upgrade the site.

Interpretation: the website is a simple, yet (hopefully) effective way of aiding me on the marketing side of things. I plan on getting most of my business through word of mouth and satisfied customers recommending my work to friends and/or family.

I’ll be needing some constructive criticism from you guys. I can use all the help I can get.


13 thoughts on “Website

  1. Matthew D. says:

    …. waiting for it…. let’s see it!

    and about the whole pictures-of-yourself thing. Wait until you get hooked on off-camera strobing and your friends/family get tired of your initial experimentation – you’ll find ways to creatively uh… get in front of the lens 😉

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Oh, no way…they’ll kill me.

    The site probably won’t be up now until tomorrow night, unless I can get something somehow tonight. I didn’t git mah pica-ture snapped today.

  3. jeniliz says:

    Hey, thanks for your comments on the forum. It helps me to hear from other photographers and to get their perspective.
    I have a question about your pending website. What is the benefit of a temporary website? Do you think that a
    “simple” website is more effective than your blog? How will the temp. website differ from the blog.
    hmm. I guess that was more than a quick question.
    I would love a website but I too am hampered by the lack of funds… so I feel your pain.
    BTW we have the some blog template.

  4. ryanaustindean says:

    I’m sending an Email to each of you, for separate reasons. Heads up!

  5. Heather says:

    Ryan Austin! I am sure that its going to be great… I can’t wait to see it!

  6. Matthew D. says:

    One comment… I understand about keeping the blog and page theme together, but I did like the personal element of seeing a panoramic featuring your lower face as the header of the blog here. Keeps things, well, bloggish.

  7. ryanaustindean says:

    You think the uniform look isn’t really that necessary? I do kind of miss the old header…

    I’ll have to think about this one. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be too. I certainly don’t want to have to run an entirely different blog for photography-related stuff, but I also don’t want to give up talking about random topics as well.

    Meh…I might go back to the old one before the night’s over.

  8. Matthew D. says:

    Glad to see the header back. Honestly I wouldn’t worry to much about the “uniformity” thing – I think most of us like blogs specifically for the personal element, which includes getting to see you rant about the hilarity or insanity of the latest political move, show us 3 year old’s synopsa of Star Wars, etc…

    It’s kind of something I think about frequently with my blog, knowing most of my viewers are reading specifically photo related material… I’m temped to start another blog on science/polisci but haven’t…

  9. ryanaustindean says:

    See, that’s a fear of mine…

    If I spread everything across two blogs, it’ll lessen how often I post in one or the other. Fewer people will visit; no one wants to go to two different blogs for one person.

    I’m afraid to split something up that might kill both sides.

  10. Mark Eric says:

    I’ll shoot you- and you will have absolutely no control. bwahhhahaha.

    Can’t wait to see the new site!

  11. ryanaustindean says:

    My control issues border on those of Mussolini, Mark. I am afraid that I shall never be shot again…unless Shari makes me. 🙂

    Actually, we’re already talking about scheduling you way in advance to take our 5-year anniversary and maternity shots. Consider yourself booked.

    And dangit…I still keep looking at our engagement shots and those stupid buttons are talking to me. “Hey, Ryan! Look at us protruding and making your stomach look really weeeeird!”

  12. Ken Hanson says:

    Mr. Ryan o_O I’m horribly disappointed you didn’t come to me 😉 I can get you a blue look alike in a snap, with my own coding you goober 😉 It’s kinda what I do haha. Maybe not in flash, but we can do some pretty awesome things with javascript nowadays haha.

    Anyways, freelance is slow, been thinkin about you guys alot lately, hit me up, you never posted the URL so I have no idea if you bought a bludomain layout or not yet, haha, but if not, lets get something slick up if your still up for it 😀

  13. ryanaustindean says:

    Ken, I’ve been checking out your work while I’m supposed to be paying attention to this physics professor. It looks like I might be hiring you on…

    I’m emailing you.

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