Ads? Who Needs Them?

…besides the people who run the web-sites and rely upon funding from their advertisers, obviously (little downside).

But do you really want to see those ads? I don’t. And I used to avoid them by using AdBlock, a Firefox extension that blocked all ads from appearing. But that was in the days of my using Firefox; I’ve been using Safari lately (Safari is Apple’s browser). Some people still prefer to use Firefox with their Mac, but I found Safari to be faster and just a bit prettier, honestly.

But I missed AdBlock! I hate ads. Ads slow down your web experience, clutter pages, and are generally a pain in the “bo-hunk” (that’s a word my mom uses…I wanted to include it). So how do you get the AdBlock experience in Safari?

Simple: SafariBlock.

SafariBlock blows ads up. Take a look at the BBC Football page, with SafariBlock deactivated, then activated.


And with it activated…


Notice anything missing? Ahhhhh, yes…a beautiful thing, this SafariBlock is. It comes in really handy when you don’t want to see all of those ads that are…”seductive,” shall we say?

So, yeah. Download it. Now.


10 thoughts on “Ads? Who Needs Them?

  1. James Wilder says:

    Sounds like a good way to avoid unwanted and off-color ads!

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Exactly. There are so many advantages to using this thing. The only problem I have found is I know that it hurts sites when no one clicks on their advertisers’ links, but I never click on ads anyways.

  3. As pretty as Safari is, a funny thing is true… it has almost as many vunerabilities as IE 7 AND Firefox. The best browser out there (that I’ve found) is Opera. The downside, is that it’s so safe, a lot of things don’t quite work right.

    That’s out of the way, now, the real reason I’m posting is about your flickr badge. I’m trying to put one up on my blog and need some tech advice. (imagine that, a tech guru asking for tech help)

    1) Do you have yours set to display just random pictures from all your public pictures, or only recent pics?

    2) Did you do anything extra to provide the “more photos” link?

    I had one more question, but I’ve been working my tail off today, and don’t remember what it was. hmmm….

    Maybe i’ll get back to you.


  4. Matthew D. says:

    So yeah… I say the adds look prettier (though of course that’s not normally true). Text only is a sad world…

  5. ryanaustindean says:

    I tried Opera. Then I threw up on it. 🙂

    Jessy, allow me to savor this moment where you’re actually asking me a tech question…

    …wait for it…


    Okay, I don’t believe the Flickr widget in WordPress allows you to pick favorite pictures to display. It allows you to show 1-10 pictures from your Flickr stream, but it only allows your most recent ones. It’s a very simple plug-in; not very customizable.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I so wanted to rise to the occasion.

  6. ryanaustindean says:

    Oh…and, no. I didn’t do anything extra for the “more photos” link. I forgot to respond to that part.

    How’s married life, my friend?

  7. ryanaustindean says:

    WHOA…Matt, you’re an ad lover? Am I reading this correctly? It’s like exposing yourself as a Nazi.

    (kidding, of course)

  8. Married life is Splendid!!!

    Although, my wife doesn’t exactly share my enthusiasm when it comes to lugging my camera around to every single event we attend, hoping to catch that magic shot.

    She has been getting sneakily better with my camera though, I’m thinking I might have to surprise her with a point and shoot someday soon….hmmm b-day maybe?

    Man, I’m glad only 14 people visit your blog…I’m pretty sure she’s not one of them. =)

  9. ryanaustindean says:

    Ha haaa! Risky business, my friend…risky business. I’m pretty sure that Shari patrols this blog fairly frequently, so I mind what I say pretty well.

    I say definitely go with the point and shoot. Allow me to recommend the Canon PowerShot SD870IS. Small, sleek, 8MP camera with pretty darn good video.

    What camera you “lugging around?” I love talkin’ shop.

  10. Matthew D. says:

    me, an add lover? haha… no, no. I just live my life in a series of math books, so I like to see colors and bright punchy things when I’m on the web..

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