When Wax Attacks

You know, my computer was already messed up enough. It’s been getting progressively slower. The meager 80GB hard drive is insufficient for pictures and music (hence the 320GB Western Digital external drive). The battery lasts for much less than an hour if unplugged. And you can see for yourself what the screen has been doing to me:


I have to wiggle the screen back and forth about 20 times before it finally “clicks” into place and starts working properly. Then if I bump it even slightly, it clicks back out of place, doing the same thing. I know it’s actually fixable without replacing the whole computer, but if I add up a bigger hard drive, new battery, new ribbon for the screen, and additional RAM, it will add up to roughly $800. I should’ve bought AppleCare.

Oh, and you already know about the mischievous J key.

So Friday, about 30 seconds after blowing out a candle, I made the unfortunate mistake of grabbing said candle and somehow shaking it in some manner. The hot wax poured out onto my much-abused PowerBook. I panicked and ran to the coffee/fridge/sink area of the office and returned with paper towels, but to my chagrin the wax had already dried.

The photographer in me took over, so I proceeded to take out my camera in an effort do document the mishap. I decided to include the offending candle in the shot, so I grabbed it again. Thinking that the two minutes since the spill would have dried the wax, I grabbed it too quickly. This time the still-(very) hot wax spilled onto my arm and shirt. I yelped, jumped around, and said some “pentecostal swear words.”

For those of you not “in the know,” pentecostal swear words include such timeless phrases as “ACHHH-KAK-KAK-KAK!” and “YEEEEEOW HA-CHA-CHA-CHA!” I learned them from my parents.

So here are the pictures of the day’s events. Note that I’d already scraped the wax off the computer (most of it).



After it spilled on my hand…



By the way, the wax did totally come off after much scraping. Luckily, the wax only spilled on the hand rest of my PowerBook. Only a few drops got on the keyboard and screen.


2 thoughts on “When Wax Attacks

  1. James Wilder says:

    Ryan, I just converted to Mac this weekend. Well, I don’t consider myself to be terribly cultic about it, but from what I’ve been told, it’s just a matter of time. I purchased the iPhone and Macbook Pro. I’m trying to step-up to the next level for some of the design stuff I’ve been doing.
    Your computer troubles somewhat alarmed me. I will make sure to purchase AppleCare!

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Trust me, you won’t regret it. Give it a few weeks (or even up to a month or two), and you’ll be solidly hooked. The MacBook Pro is a beast of a computer too.

    I wouldn’t let my problems freak you out. When I own a computer for 2 1/2 years, it’s the same as if someone else used it for 5. I don’t drop them or anything, but I take them everywhere, open/close the screen about 20-30 times a day, drain the battery at least once a day (usually two or three), and take it absolutely everywhere with me.

    If I’m walking into the church office, I’ll have my computer backpack (with Bible, two usually hardcover books, notebook, pens, and a few other accessories) strung over my right shoulder, and my camera bag with the body and three lenses in it strapped over the left. My equipment isn’t abused, but it is heavily used.

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