Someone Help Me Understand

This family FREAKS ME OUT!

From Yahoo News:

Look closely at the eyes. Makes you want to run in terror, doesn’t it?

Hill Eyes

Like mother, like daughter.


The “I KEEL YOU!” look (with obligatory pointed finger)


Heil Hilltler!


No, seriously…take a second, third, and fourth look at that last image.

“Your pant-suit RAWKS!”

Pant Suit

“I will eat your soul, child!”

Creepy Hill

“I’m secretly giving you the bird (LOOK!) while I insincerely compliment your sombrero…”


If she somehow rebounds and gets the Democratic nomination, then (God forbid) wins the presidency, we’re going to be in for a bare minimum of 4 extremely creepy years. The woman frightens me.

Imagine for a moment being Bill Clinton…and getting into a fight with THAT. If that thought doesn’t freak you out, then you are probably just as evil and psycho as she is.


5 thoughts on “Someone Help Me Understand

  1. Mel McLellan says:

    LOL! hahahahaha – This…makes my night. Ah, the “I keel you!” almost made me cry!

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Isn’t that crazy stuff? Wow…

    I promise you I could have found about 10 more pictures to add to this post, but it was already putting me on edge to have to sift through all that.

  3. Matthew D. says:

    Man. I would pay big bucks to get a press pass to shoot photos like this… She has to try SOOOO hard to smile it almost hurts just to look at her (so it always hurts to look at her, whatever).

    “I KEEL YOU…” “no, stop laughing, I was dead serious.”

  4. Matthew D. says:

    oh, wait a sec… just saw the finger in that last one after looking at it again…. ouch.

  5. ryanaustindean says:

    I’m telling you, man…she’s the most easily parodied person in human history.

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