David Carter

Photographer at Work

On February 7, at about 5:10 AM, David Carter passed away. He was an incredible member of our church, a great photographer, a loving husband, and a terrific father to two young boys. He lost a long, hard fight with cancer, and was taken far earlier than any of us could’ve imagined.

David Carter was a driven, self-made man who loved God, and he made sure that his family was prepared for his passing. His wife said that his greatest fear that she, the boys, or others in the church would be angry with God if He chose not to heal him. He told my dad that he had absolutely no fear of death; he was ready for it. His fear was that others would be consumed with confusion and doubt.

David Carter was still a young man. Though it doesn’t seem right that we have lost him, we can best honor his memory (and his wishes) by allowing God to be God. Our Creator’s ways are not always understandable to us. Our thoughts are lower than His. Our concerns and reasoning are incomplete when examined through the scope of eternity.

The news of his passing put a dark cloud over my day. I had a peace over David’s passing, but couldn’t shake my almost-overwhelming concern for his wife and kids. His boys are still in junior high, and they’ve lost their father. The prayers that I’ve prayed for David will now be shifted. Please help me pray for his family, that they would have peace, just as David wished. Help me pray that their faith will not be shaken. Help me pray that they’ll come through this storm after a period of mourning which we all must expect.

It doesn’t seem right that he is gone, but it is fact. And though it’s difficult to admit, it must also be God’s will.

My parents keep reminding me that David made a distinct impression on the doctors who treated him. They were astounded by his attitude and his faith. That in itself is a strong testimony: a man faced the possibility of death with courage, with faith, and with assurance that his life, for better or worse, was in God’s hands.

Bro. David, your legacy will not be one of fear and uncertainty, nor will it be of a shaken faith.

Your legacy will be one of courage, strength, and an unshakeable belief in the sovereign will of God.

With love and admiration, we will now begin to say our goodbyes…


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