I don’t consider myself to be a “mama’s boy,” but I’ve been severely pampered the past few days, while I’ve been sick. My poor mother has gone from house to house, accompanying a grandson to testing, taking care of her husband (kidney stone), and visiting her flu-stricken son.

Dad has no doubt been inconvenienced the most, having to live with a massive amount of pain the past few days, but Mom has made no fewer than three stops at my house during the past 24 hours, making sure her youngest has either some soup or Starbucks. Spoiled rotten? Indeed.

There’s something about a mother who has completely relented to her instinctive nurturing nature. She would absolutely wear herself to death before letting one of her offspring (or husband) suffer without a bit of coddling.

I just figured I’d comment on that really quickly. I’m going back to sleep. Again.


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