Apologize! All of You!

Dramatic, lawyer-driven public apologies are becoming the trend of the 21st century.

Flying cars, robot servants, and teleporters? Yeah right. Those things are still centuries off, apparently. But what we have done is perfected the insincere public apology for things that we’ve said or done that we ABSOLUTELY MEANT to say or do, but since it’s either politically incorrect or outright stupid, we didn’t really mean to say exactly what we knew was coming out of our mouths for a well-thought-out particular reason.

Did you get that?

Chris Matthews, liberal TV host extraordinaire (Or boredomaire…har, har! See what I did there?) recently apologized for remarks he made about Hillary Clinton. The host of Hardball with Chris Matthews said:

“…the reason (Hillary Clinton is) a U.S. senator, the reason she’s a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around.”

The article continues on to state:

On last night’s program, Matthews defended the substance of his remarks that Clinton’s political career in New York was launched because of public sympathy stemming from her husband’s much-investigated affair with Monica Lewinsky. But, he said, “was it fair to imply that Hillary’s whole career depended on being a victim of an unfaithful husband? No. And that’s what it sounded like I was saying.”

Oh, really, Christopher? Then why did you say the following several weeks ago?

In an interview last week, Matthews, a onetime Democratic operative, insisted at length that he was right in describing how Clinton was launched on a path that would carry her to the Senate and a presidential campaign. “I thought what I said was unexceptional about what happened back in ’98,” he said. “She was facing a trial by fire, and the fire was her husband. I knew I was speaking bluntly, but does anyone disagree?”


As criticism from liberal bloggers and others mounted over the past week, top MSNBC officials urged Matthews to apologize, according to network officials who would not be identified discussing internal deliberations. But Matthews dug in his heels, deciding to deliver the mea culpa only after he had returned from a Democratic presidential debate sponsored by the network in Las Vegas.

“That’s right, Christopher! Apologize! That will make it all better, cause we know you’re SOOOOO sincere! We hate men!”

About 30 people affiliated with the National Women’s Political Caucus picketed NBC’s Nebraska Avenue NW bureau yesterday afternoon as a protest against Matthews’s remarks.

“This is a victory for all women. We are pleased that Chris Matthews has shown remorse,” the caucus said in a statement last night.

If you didn’t laugh while reading that, something is wrong with you.

This is a victory for all women? He showed remorse? Can these people really be serious? Honestly, I don’t disagree with what Matthews said at all. It’s quite obvious that Hillary has little personal experience that would qualify her for the job of President of the United States. I’ve said that over and over again.

Matthews shouldn’t be apologizing, even insincerely. He offered an honest opinion (something he’s paid to do), and there was a considering about of logic and reasoning that went into the construction of that opinion. Hillary did get bombarded with sympathy after Slick Willy cheated on her. She did come off as a self-sustaining “woman’s woman,” which is attractive to the millions of women who hate men.

I suppose they object to the way that he said it. Well, again…he’s a cable television news show host; he’s supposed to be abrasive. Polite little pansies don’t get ratings (see Katie Couric).

I used to wonder where these women from the National Organization for Women, Feminist Majority, and the National Women’s Political Caucus found the time to spend their days protesting in front of people’s offices in order for them to “apologize,” but when you consider that they’re probably unmarried, asexual, and childless, they probably have a lot more time on their hands than we realize.

That last paragraph was unnecessarily mean. I’m holding a press conference in one hour to “apologize,” and it will be yet another great victory for the aforementioned women’s groups. They’ll certainly appreciate my remorse.

See what I mean?


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