Pray For Your President


I’m praying for President Bush more than usual.

Yes, I understand that his approval ratings have been in the basement for a long time now. It’s okay if you don’t agree with him. There are a few things he’s done that I’ve disagreed with (but it’s worth mentioning that I still generally support him) over the past few years.

But I think every praying person should be in prayer for ol’ Dubya over the next few days. According to this ABC News story, “American Al Qaeda” Adam Gahdan has called for his fellow Al Qaeda members to welcome President Bush with “bombs and traps” during his visit to the Middle East this week.

“The occupied territories are awaiting their first visit by the crusader Bush and the mujahideen are also waiting for him,” said Gadahn, a California native and now an Al Qaeda spokesman.

Whether or not this is Al Qaeda just beating its chest and firing its AK-47s into the air, we should take any threat seriously.

Again, I know not everyone cares for President Bush, but I doubt there are that many who actually wish he would be assassinated. Maybe I’m selling the left’s hatred for Bush a bit short, but I don’t think so.

One other note of interest:

Gadahn, who is under federal indictment for treason, is believed to be hiding in Pakistan. He left Orange County, Calif., almost 10 years ago for Pakistan and has been a regular feature in al Qaeda videos, at first wearing a mask, but he has been appearing unveiled for more than a year now. He often threatens to continue to target the United States at home and abroad.

He’s from Orange County, California?

HUUUUUUUGE surprise there. Absolutely huge.



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