Cop Experience #2 in One Week


Today I had my second experience with a law enforcement officer in one week. This one didn’t go as well.

You see, in Louisiana we have a state government cash cow known as the car inspection sticker. You give a place $10, and they’ll come out and slap a new one on your car without actually “inspecting” it. They’re not supposed to do that, but who’s going to be able to prove that those brake lights haven’t stopped working since inspection?

Today, after a few days of reminders from the dear wife (who was trying to look out for me), I finally decided that 20 days past expiration was enough, so I went to my Regions Bank to get a quick $20; half of it for my part of a gift and the other half for my car inspection.

Would you know it; as soon as I turn out of the bank, a Bossier City policeman in the turning lane glares at my car, whips out, and turns on the colored lights. I knew that I was up a creek without a paddle as soon as I saw the hood of his car turn a bit.

So does the cop care that I was on my way to get the car inspected? Does he care that most law enforcement officers give people a month “grace period” before making inspection stickers an offense worthy of a ticket? Does he care that it’s Christmas, I’m a young married college student, and money gets short during this time of year?


I don’t blame the cop. I blame myself. He really wasn’t rude, and I made sure to let him know I wasn’t going to be one of those guys with a bad attitude even though I was driving 100 mph in a 20 mph zone (of course this wasn’t me, but there are some people who seem to never be wrong). But STILL, did he have to write a ticket for that when I see people all over the roads who are months overdue for a car inspection?

And just so you guys know: if you’re a Louisiana resident and your inspection sticker is expired, let me make you aware that the ticket is $127. Read that again, and make your calendars. Get it inspected before it expires, okay?

Merry Christmas, BCPD. Way to spread that Christmas cheer.


2 thoughts on “Cop Experience #2 in One Week

  1. So is 7 Months overdue a little too long of a waiting period?

    Just asking….for…..ahh….a friend.

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    Slightly, Jessy. Slightly.

    If you get slapped with a ticket, don’t say I didn’t warn you (and laugh mockingly in the background).

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