New England Patriots


Can anyone beat them?


Do I like them?


Do I currently have a power cord to keep my computer from dying in about 45 minutes?



3 thoughts on “New England Patriots

  1. Heather says:

    Ah ha!!! But, if they go head to head with the Cowboys @ the superbowl, with the Patriots being the only team to have beat the Cboys, that would be a great match! Theoretically, they could both end up 17-1 with the Cboys as the winners of the superbowl. Just a thought….

  2. To bad those ‘Boys just got their hind-dings handed to ’em by one of the only teams I hate more than Dallas…that’s right, the Pathetic Philidelphia Shmeagles!

  3. ryanaustindean says:


    I don’t believe you Saints fans should be commenting on the state of any NFL team right now.

    *evil laugh*

    Additionally, for the record, I am not a Saints hater.

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