What happens when Republican senators don’t go along with the Democrats’ agenda?

Sen. Harry Reid proposes doing cartwheels down the center aisle. Make sense?

From the New York Times.

As if there was any doubt that Congress was on the verge of devolving into a carnival atmosphere, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic majority leader, on Thursday proposed doing cartwheels down the center aisle of the Senate chamber to draw attention to Republican efforts to block legislation.

Here, in the Cirque du Senate, there is trash-talking, whining and finger-pointing, bickering and, occasionally, brief flashes of serious disagreement on policy.

But with the clock ticking swiftly toward the end of the year and a stack of stalled legislation piling up, little is getting done in the Senate these days. And tempers are starting to boil over.

Mr. Reid, who turned 68 on Sunday and power-walks four miles a day, ultimately did not perform any gymnastics. But his fury over the inability to move the Democrats’ legislative agenda seemed to have deepened since Tuesday, when he accused President Bush of “pulling the strings on the 49 puppets he has here in the Senate.”

So the Republicans disagree, and the Democrats can’t possibly understand why? Is that really something to find surprising or threaten, of all things, a cartwheel attack?

Oh, by the way, if you’ll notice, Senator Reid speaks of the 49 Republican senators. Find anything peculiar about that? There is a Democratic majority in the Senate. In other words, Senator Reid should spend less time chastising Republican “puppets,” and more time figuring out why he can’t get his party’s majority to fall in line with their votes.

I really can’t stand politicians, but this kind of stunt is at least entertaining. I just wish he would’ve followed through with his threat.


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