The Reason for the Absence

It’s been three days since I’ve posted, so I figured I’d give an update on what’s going on.

The first reason is that my computer, which I recently remarked was “dying,” has in fact bit the dust.

Shari and I were watching a ventriloquist on YouTube while at home Sunday night. My computer was plugged up, and we were watching video after stupid video of this ventriloquist. He was a funny guy, so we were having a “grand ol’ time” and laughing it up a bit.

Suddenly my computer began making a horrendous noise. It’s made this noise before, but not quite as bad. Then I noticed the computer wasn’t charging anymore, so I reached for my power brick and noticed a hole had been burned through the wire. I bent the wire, and *SPPFXXZZZKT*…sparks flew. The computer continued to make a gruesome noise, and suddenly went from 40% charge to 0% in the matter of a few seconds.

So my PowerBook is out of commission, and hasn’t been on in three days. I’m going to try to charge it up tonight and see if it will work, but if I buy a new power cord, it will be the fourth one I’ve purchased in two years (fifth, including the original). I’d hate to buy a new power cord for a computer that might not be working but for a few more weeks. I’m going to see if I can somehow scrape together the funds to begin looking for a replacement.

Number two (and infinitely more important), Lisa Marks had a horrible car accident Monday night. Lisa, you may remember, is the girl whose senior pictures I took several weeks ago. She’s been a member of L1FT for probably almost two years now, and she’s been a huge help.

The details of the wreck itself are unclear (the other driver was almost definitely intoxicated; he fled the scene and disappeared for over 24 hours), but Lisa suffered a fractured femur, a snapped wrist, and a number of other injuries. We’ve been told she was resuscitated twice as she was airlifted from the scene to the hospital, and she was put in an induced coma to keep her from struggling. They just woke her up last night, and took her off the ventilator today.

She’s doing better, but please pray for her. The leg needs to heal properly; they placed a rod in her leg, and they said the only serious concern they have from this point forward is an infection. Her mental capacities seem to be in order, but she’s in a lot of pain.

Countless people have been praying for her, and we believe God has already pulled her through the most difficult part of this whole thing.

Thank you for praying!



One thought on “The Reason for the Absence

  1. theREVOLUTION is praying… for Lisa and your Power Book.

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