CNN, Wake Up

We’re not idiots, CNN. You might’ve had a stranglehold on the cable news division in (many) years past, but we’re not longer being duped by you day after day. We’re on to you.

The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate gave rise to an interesting moment last night when retired Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr, an openly-gay man, asked a question about gay and lesbians in the military. You can watch the exchange in the video at the bottom of this post.

There’s only one thing about this gravel-voiced geriatric that CNN didn’t tell you when he asked his question: that he is the co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s National Military Veteran’s group. He was also active in John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

You might be wondering, “Well, why does it matter? Democrats should have a voice in these debates as well!” Actually…no.

This is a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY debate. It’s Republicans deciding who their candidate for president is. Democrats should have no say in this debate or any others leading up to the Republican nomination. Once we nominate someone, then they should get involved. The reason so many people are crying foul about this is that Brig. Gen. Kerr was, in essence, an intruder. The fact that CNN not only aired his question, but also recognized him and gave him a frickin’ microphone to ask further questions indicates that CNN was well aware of his presence.

Now Anderson Cooper, the gray-haired metrosexual media darling who moderated the debate, is claiming that CNN had no idea!

“Like, OMG, if we had only KNOWN! Oh, that sly little Kerr! He is SO not going to be my BFF for this! ROFL! Call me later?”

Okay, CNN. I told you we’re not stupid. If you think for one second that we don’t believe that you knew pretty much everything there was to know about Mr. Kerr before you PUBLICLY RECOGNIZED him, then you really are as condescending and disrespectful to your audience as we have come to believe. Really cute move. Oh, Anderson…you crazy fella.

And everyone wonders why CNN has roughly half the viewers of FOX News.


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