The Kindle


Take a look at the current issue of Newsweek, and you’ll see this “interesting” white piece of Soviet-era design. The Kindle is making headlines, but for God’s sake, why?

It’s supposed to be the future of reading? Well, it’s not, and I’ll tell you why.

1. It’s ugly as sin. Really ugly. It’s keyboard is also atrocious and looks unusable. Which brings me to point two…

2. It has a keyboard. If I’m buying a device that specializes in reading, I don’t want a keyboard. Look at what Apple did with the iPhone. You see how you can just fling stuff all around by touching it with your fingers? You see how none of the screen real estate is compromised by a large, obtrusive keyboard? The iPhone (for all its problems) is intuitive, beautiful, and the beautiful screen being all you need is part of its appeal.

3. You have to pay for the blogs you subscribe to. Seriously. Oh, and not only are you paying for things that are usually free, but comments are not included. Oh, good, look! It’s lot’s worse, but I pay for it!

4. No backlight. The video on Amazon’s site touts this as an advantage, since it’s easier to read in the bright sun, but what do you do if you want to read a book in bed while your spouse is dead asleep? You guessed it; you turn the lamp on and tilt the Kindle towards the light. BRILLIANT! We’re only stepping back 15 years in the past. What will they think of (destroying) next? Oh, and I have no desire to read in the bright sunlight of a hot, 100-degree Louisiana day.

5. The Back Page and Next Page buttons are in the worst locations possible. Look at the video to see how they work. It’s the dumbest design flaw since everything Microsoft has touched (surely you saw it coming). Want to accidentally flip through pages all day long? Get yourself a brand-spanking-new Kindle! It’s yesterday’s today.

6. The price. Want to have a poorly-thought-out device that’s going to cost you plenty of spare change just to make use of its material? No problem! Just shell out $400 for a device that uses cell-phone-grade wireless technology, has no backlight, looks like junk, is inoperable, and will embarrass you in public.

7. Seriously, do I have to say it again? Yes, I do. IT’S VERY, VERY UGLY!

That will be all, infidels. Don’t buy a Kindle.


One thought on “The Kindle

  1. Heather says:

    They think retro is coming back….LOL!

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