LSU: Observations


LSU deserved to lose.

Wow, I actually said it. Boy, don’t I feel better!

Yes, LSU deserved to lose. I don’t like the fact that they lost; I hate it. I got upset that I wasted 5 hours of my life on a game that meant more to me than it should have. I was emotionally involved in the game, wondering whether or not dozens of witless college guys could actually be lead to a national championship game by a coach with very little happening upstairs (”upstairs” being his noggin, for the slow ones out there; “noggin” being his brain, for those who are even slower).

Les Miles, please go to Michigan. Seriously, I’ll help you pack! You’ll love it there. The weather is cold (you’ll readjust to it again), the tradition runs deep, and you’ll have a splendid time losing to Division 1-AA teams. Of course, if Michigan had any sense, they’d take a look at the job you’ve done over the past few years and ask themselves whether or not you could do anything if it didn’t depend on scavenging what you could from Nick Saban’s system and recruiting class, but I’m guessing they won’t. After all, they have to save you from us crawfish-chomping inbreeds before you lose a few dozen IQ points. Our Slap Yo’ Mama-seasoned breath is enough to turn you into a blithering idiot. Be careful.

Why not go to the Big Ten? They’re a great conference. No, they don’t have much speed, but their players do look ‘roided out. And as we all know, why force yourself to be able to break a 4.8 when you can lift 400 pounds with your pinkys, right?

No, the Big Ten doesn’t make its two best teams put it all on the line by playing a conference championship game at the end of the season, but can you IMAGINE what kind of damage that would do? They wouldn’t even be able to take advantage of the fact that the East and West SEC Champs are duking it out year after year, greatly increasing the odds that the higher-ranked SEC team is knocked out of contention for the title game at the last second.

Enough about the Big Ten. This isn’t about the Big Ten. This is about LSU. And Les Miles. And Miles’ bad coaching.

This is about millions of LSU fans wondering what happened to their team, ranked number-one, falling apart, humiliating themselves at home against a team not even in the top 25. We’re confused. We’re heartbroken.

You usually don’t get but one mistake per year. LSU had a second chance, but they blew it. Two triple-overtime losses in one year as the number-one team in the country is hard to get over. We’ll be feeling this one for a long time.


4 thoughts on “LSU: Observations

  1. Than says:

    Lucky State University could not pull it out again. They’ve been living on the edge all year and it finally bit them. Bitter much?

  2. Ryan J says:

    I don’t really follow football, but I just wanted to say that the writing in this post is really good. Kept my interest even though I don’t really care about football. Very nice. 🙂

  3. ryanaustindean says:

    LOL…thanks, Ryan.

    Than, do you really want to bring up last Friday after Texas’ little problem with a certain burgandy-clad team?

  4. One thing you left out about LSU fan’s distaste…We were number 1 twice at two different points in the season. Sigh…

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