YouTube is an enigma to me. You can find almost anything there, but about 95% of it is…

1. Stupid.

2. Not worth someone posting.

3. Vile, disgusting trash.

And yet somehow it chugs along, hosting millions of videos as it engrained itself as a cultural mainstay. There is this weird, dedicated community that has rooted itself into the lore and history of YouTube. They really believe in what they think YouTube is about, and they’ll fight anyone who “desecrates” the culture (even YouTube staff). It’s really quite pretentious, and would be amusing if it wasn’t so widespread.

However, I can say that I’m a subscriber to someone on YouTube who I think is worth watching. His name is Kevin Nalts. I forgot what his real job is, but he’s a video fanatic. By the way, just call him “Nalts.”

He’s something like the 56th most-subscribed member of YouTube, but that means nothing. The reason that I like him is that he’s funny, plain and simple. That’s nothing new, right? But he’s also a clean family man, unlike the millions of YouTubers who post comments on videos laced with profanity, poor spelling, and indecipherable jumbles of random words.

Check Nalts out. He’s funny. He’s clean. He’s not a YouTube elitist jerk (he posts on several video sites). He just likes making videos.


2 thoughts on “Nalts

  1. Heather says:

    Soooooo funnny… I really like the “… can’t video in here, I’m free!”

    Thanks for expanding my knowledge of Youtube~ Now I have something else to waste time with! LOL.


  2. Thanks a lot. Now I’m addicted to something else. I’m really starting to think I have Addictive Personality Disorder. I’ve subscribed to Nalts, visited his blog, and watched over 150 of his videos. Now I’m patiently waiting for this day to be over, my last day at this boring job at the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority. Hmmm since I have a few hours to kill, maybe I can get somebody to treat this APD I seem to have developed.

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