Long Day – Finally Over

It’s 12:14 AM as I lie here next to my wife and dog, both asleep, and try to get comfortable. My back hurts, my legs are tight, my throat is sore, and I can barely breathe, but tonight I feel really, really good.

The session with Lisa went really well, as far as I can tell. We could tell she was a bit nervous at first, but as the day wore on she got incredibly comfortable with the camera. She was posing the lights out at the end (the field shots). It was a really easy shoot as far as material went. Lisa was willing to try absolutely any pose or location we threw at her, and you can’t go wrong with that. The reason we’re wore out: the shoot was 5 1/2 hours, with 700+ shots taken. Wow…

The Fall Festival at the church was a success too. Shari was lined up to be pied in the face due to the massive donations made in her name, but a great man in the church made a surprise donation to push someone else into first place so that Shari would escape the pie. Poor Allan Goss took the pie instead.

Here are a few shots from Lisa’s shoot today. The rest are on my Flickr page.

Thank you, Lisa!

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring...Banana Phone!

Come Pway Wif Me!

Just Take the Picture!



Through the Weeds

One thought on “Long Day – Finally Over

  1. markeric says:

    These are stunning Ryan, seriously. She is beautiful, and you did a great job capturing her!

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