I was up bright and early this Saturday morning. My batteries are charged, camera lenses cleaned, and car fueled up.

Today is my first real portrait session. I’m taking the pictures for one of my youth group students, Lisa Marks. I’ve taken a few portraits, but they were kind of piggybacking off of another session that was going on; I just took advantage of the opportunity to photograph the subjects in their outfits outside after they were done with the shoot that took place in the studio.

But this one is different. Just me, Shari, Lisa, and Lisa’s mom, roaming around locations and trying to get creative. Plus, it’s my first paid session. Ooooooo

She likes some of the pictures that I’ve showed her before, so she decided to not go down the “oh my god, I have to spend a small fortune to have my senior portraits taken” road. I’m happy to oblige, since I’m on the “oh my god, I have to build up a portfolio before I’m able to advertise anything” road. It’s a huge plus that Lisa is very photogenic, so I should have some decent material come out of this; the only way I won’t is if I stink it up (I have determined to not do so).

I’ll try to be posting some results later tonight, but it will be super late. After the portrait session, I’ll head to the church for our Fall Festival, the children’s ministry’s fundraiser. Then I’ll go to the state fair where Yesterday will be playing. I’ll take some shots of them as well, hopefully getting some material for a flyer on their MySpace to push their show next weekend at the Sound Stage.

I would write some more, but I have to run my 8-mile course through the neighborhood real quickly to burn off some of this energy.


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