Sarkozy Gets Cozy With America

From the New York Times article: Sarkozy Throws Open His Arms to Bush and the U.S.

Sarkozy Kiss

We’ve all heard the jokes about the French. They surrender. They’re snooty. They’re tree-hugging, caviar-eating, slick-haired pansies, right? Well, maybe they’re not so bad, after all.

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France is currently visiting the White House. He’s a long-time admirer of America, and the French people actually voted him in knowing this. Shocking?

Sarkozy certainly doesn’t agree with us on everything, but he deeply admirers our principles of liberty, free-enterprise, and tailgating at college football games (I kind of made that last one up). I was stunned when I first heard that he was elected. Like most people, I don’t see a “conservative” winning in a European Union country. Yet there was Sarkozy, standing victorious over his liberal, female opponent.

Just look at the guy; he LOOKS like every Frenchman that we’ve ever reviled. But the guy is sensible. And nice. And he even had the guts to display how ridiculous our media is when they pressed him in a 60 Minutes interview about his recent divorce. He stormed out, talking about how insulting it was that they’d pour salt in such a recent wound.

I have to admit, however, that I’m a bit more lenient towards our revolutionary friends since I learned I’m 1/4 French. Go easy on us.


5 thoughts on “Sarkozy Gets Cozy With America

  1. Heather says:

    So Ryan Austin, which of your parents is half french?

  2. Heather says:

    OH… Btw, I saw this article earlier and I thought it was very interesting! Maybe they aren’t so bad!

  3. ryanaustindean says:


    Mom is half English, half French, if I remember correctly, and Dad is Irish. So I’m half-Irish. I don’t claim the quarter-French.

  4. thanh3 says:

    Viva la France. Ooh, that was a terrible accent. I should just stick to Chinese.

  5. ryanaustindean says:


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