Ryan’s Book Club

No, it’s not Oprah’s Book Club for young Christian men, but I do want to get a bit of a dialogue going concerning the books we’re reading. I’m always on the prowl for a nice read, especially one’s that offer something NEW.

I picked up unChristian yesterday; a book by David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group.


I’ve barely scratched the surface with this book, but what I’ve read so far is pretty good. I’ll give a recommendation rating after I’m finished with it, but the point of this post is this:

If you have any book suggestions, please comment on this post and redistribute the wealth (little socialist/commie lingo for ya). I’m particularly interested in spiritual books that lean towards the youth ministry side of things, but I’m also into biographies, political, classics, and sports books.

So, c’mon…share the love.

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