The Jerk Prince

This is almost beyond belief…


(Prince) has threatened to sue thousands of his biggest fans for breach of copyright, provoking an angry backlash and claims of censorship.

His lawyers have forced his three biggest internet fansites to remove all photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to the artist’s likeness. A legal letter asks the fansites to provide “substantive details of the means by which you propose to compensate our clients [Paisley Park Entertainment Group, NPG Records and AEG] for damages”.

In short, Prince is suing his fans for being fans.

Not that I’m a Prince fan, myself. He’s a phenomenal musician, no doubt about that, but his talent is matched, if not surpassed, by his overt sexuality. Talented riffs or not, the guy is a perv.

But this…this is something else altogether. We all knew he was talented, eccentric, sexual, and prone to changing his name to hieroglyphic-looking symbols, but we didn’t know he hated his fans. He’s not just suing them for pictures taken, but also for pictures of themselves displaying their tattoos of his symbol/name, and even license plates that pay homage to him.

As pitiful as it is, it really makes me smile when celebrities prove themselves to be less than the glorious superstars that we make them out to be. Is that sad?


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