I have a Math project due today. I’ve been here at the church since about 7:30, trying to finalize the thing. It’s a Math Concepts project involving the savings formula. A guy wants to save $5,000 over a 48-month period and needs to know the minimum nominal interest rate he is going to require to accomplish the task. We were to use a hit-and-miss approach, using the formula A = d [(1 – i) to the 48th power – 1 / i ].

Irritating to work through, but not particularly difficult. The problem wasn’t the problem; the problem was that we were supposed to do the thing in Excel.

Confession time. I know how to use every single program in my Dock except Excel. I know how to organize the stuff, but I don’t know how to construct a formula. I sort of learned in my basic computer course 4 years ago, but I don’t remember a single thing about it. The knowledge simply vanished from my mind.

Theoretically, it’s done to save time, but since I couldn’t figure out how to make the formula, I did every one by hand until I found the desired result of $5,008.83 at a monthly rate of 1.93%. I only had to work through ten or so possibilities, but then I had to manually place all of that stuff into an Excel document, hoping that it looks like I did things the easy way.

I really should’ve asked for my brother’s help. He’s an Excel wizard.

Anyways, we have to finish the project with a lengthy report on the formula used, why we used it, how it would work in real life, what problems we encountered, etc.


Thank God this is the last math class I’ll have to take for the rest of my life. It’s not even that difficult, but it drives me crazy.


2 thoughts on “Project

  1. Than says:

    Math, any kind, is the worst!! Oh by the way, you mispelled my last name. I am not related to William Randolph.

  2. ryanaustindean says:

    I realized that afterwards, but I was also too lazy to change that. Deal with it, Randolph.

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