Don’t get the wrong impression of me; I’m not a chronic complainer. There are just some thing in this world that I cannot explain, and they drive me absolutely batty (that’s a funny word).

Case in point: people with crutches who don’t use them.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Those people who have TWO (count ’em)…TWO crutches, properly applied, pointed downwards with the padded ends underneath the armpits. They’ve obviously had some sort of an injury, but what do they do? They WALK…

THEY WALK…while using the crutches.

Wrap your mind around this: they walk normally while using the crutches. Why? What are the crutches even doing besides helping them tap out the rhythm of their steps on the sidewalk? Shouldn’t you be at least TRYING to raise one of your feet off the ground so that you can “swing” forward on your crutches? Isn’t that the purpose they were created for?


To help lift my spirits, I’m posting a cute picture of Harrison and his “girlfriend,” Rayleigh.

Rayleigh & Harrison

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