Harsh, Ryan. Harsh…

Okay, so I rethought my comment from my blog (about 5 minutes ago).

No, you don’t have to be dumb to be a criminal. I should have said “really dumb, desperate, or confused.”

I mean, honestly, if I had been dealt a different hand of cards so to speak, I could possibly see myself being a member of an Italian mafia or something like that, and I fall somewhere in between really smart and really dumb. The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m not incredibly smart or incredibly dumb.

Come to think of it, I could have also been a hitman. I’m not sure how successful I would be, considering my empathetic persuasions, so I might have been a procrastinating hitman. The types of people who hire hitmen probably wouldn’t take too kindly to my putting off killing someone for weeks at a time.


One thought on “Harsh, Ryan. Harsh…

  1. Well, I am undecided if that is very likely to do the job with me, but definitely labored for you! Fantastic publish!

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