Crazy, But There’s MORE!

From Reuters:

BERLIN – A 19-year-old German woman has escaped from prison by hiding in a friend’s suitcase. The fugitive hid inside the large case when her 17-year-old fellow inmate was released from the youth prison in northwest Germany on Friday, Lower Saxony ministry spokesman Dennis Weilmann said on Monday.

The girl simply walked out of the building with her friend concealed in her luggage, Weilmann said.”Our staff are going to make sure they inspect big suitcases more carefully in the future,” Weilmann said.

Hey, no kidding! You’re actually going to start looking inside their massive backs of luggage? Hmm, that might be a good idea! But WAIT!!! It gets even better…

Neither of the teenagers has since been caught. Both had been jailed for theft. The escaped prisoner had less than two weeks left to serve.

Um…come again? The girl had less than two weeks left in her sentence, and she said, “Ah, what the heck? I’ll just become a fugitive!”

I’ve always thought that you either had to be incredibly smart (think Ocean’s Eleven) or really dumb (think this girl) to be a criminal.

I am correct.


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