On A Rainy Day

The weather is dreary today. The clouds and rain cast a gray hue over the Bossier City/Shreveport area. It’s getting cooler; the high for Wednesday is 58 degrees. The rain falls intermittently, falling at a sharp angle due to the wind.

I love it.

Xperience is over (thus, the associated stress as well). It was a success by anyone’s standards, I believe. The crowds on Friday and Saturday night were not as I had hoped or imagined they would be, but the people who needed to be reached by God were definitely touched, and that’s all that matters. Armando Heredia did a stellar job, and Baron and I have made a new friend.

I’m a bit giddy, even after having sloshed through the rain in south Shreveport today. There’s just something about completing a task like Xperience that makes you feel light and airy. The Fall Classic starts in only 3 hours, so I need to get a haircut and get ready, but I’ll post again shortly. I’ve had a few observations building up over the past few days; I just haven’t had the time to blog about them.

By the way, say a prayer for me. I’m trying to get through a difficult “process” that is making life uncomfortable as of late. It’s a personal thing, and only time will help it pass, but I definitely wanted someone to say a prayer for me. Even if it’s only 10 seconds out of your day, please remember me. Thank you in advance.

Much love to the people,

Ryan Austin


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