Sunday Night

Not Mimes - Silent Praise

This is it. Done. Finished. Finale. Finitio. I think I just made that last one up.

Xperience wraps up here in a few hours. Our students have prayed, cried, laughed, cheered, and listened. Tonight the adults get to join in the party. I’m sure they’ll love it; they always get into our uNight services with us.

Everyone loves Armando. He’s done an absolutely fantastic job, and he’s definitely made a difference on a lot of the students. His method could possibly be considered “unorthodox,” but I’m not quite sure how to elaborate on that. He’ll be staying over until Wednesday morning for the “Fall Classic” young minister’s meeting, so it’ll be cool to hang out and pick his brain without the pressure of Xperience looming over our heads.

I have songs to order.


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