Shari and I just finished voting before we get ready for Xperience tonight. This is the election through which Bobby Jindal gets the job that he should’ve been awarded four years ago. Blanco out, Jindal in. Indecisive ignorance out, experience and intelligence in. Good-ol’-boy politics out, new-wave conservative politics in.

It will either be through a run-off with John Georges or through an outright win tonight, but Jindal will get in the governor’s mansion.

I’ve met Mr. Jindal several times. He’s intelligent, well-spoken, friendly, and has big dreams for Louisiana. That’s not a cliche; he really couldn’t stop talking about how much he believes in this little state of ours.

I’m looking forward to see if he maintains his conservative philosophy throughout his term as governor. I believe he will.

Won’t you, Bobby?


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