Leopard Release Date


October 26, 2007: the release of Mac OSX 10.5

For any Apple aficionado, this is a big deal. Actually, for anyone who will wind up using the operating system, even if it’s only because it will come with all new Macs from now on, it will be a big deal.

I have absolutely no desire to go over every single one of the hundreds of new features of Leopard, but if everyone in the country were forced to try it for a month, I’m convinced that 90% would never again use Windows. I could say the same thing about Tiger, Apple’s current OS, but it’s not time for Tiger hype (on a different Tiger note, I still can’t believe LSU lost).

Buying an Apple has a chain reaction. Other people see your Mac, and they stare in awe. I am personally a result of Kenneth and Keith Hanson buying a Mac. They don’t read this blog, but THANKS, GUYS!

Looking back at how many Mac converts (or converts of converts) that my Mac usage has led to get a Mac, I can count 23 users who, one way or another, are now dedicated Apple fans. Did you hear that, Apple? I believe that I deserve some sort of credit. Just send a 15-inch MacBook Pro to me. Tell Steve Jobs to Email me, and I’ll give him my personal address.

“Mac evangelists” are annoying, pretentious, persistent, and dedicated. Wouldn’t it be nice if Christians acted the way about the Gospel as Mac users act about their operating system of choice?

I would venture to say that if we showed the same kind of loyalty and dedication to God that Apple users do to their Macs, there would be absolutely no way that anyone could hold us back. A Mac user will convince a Windows through sheer enthusiasm that they should jump on board the OSX train, and almost immediately the Windows user will (95% of the time) say, “I’m never going back!”

I have a feeling that we’d get the same kind of results if we truly believed what we preached.

Anyways, I pre-ordered Leopard. I’ll be doing a clean install next Thursday, and you’d better believe I won’t be the only one.

For an idea as to why Mac OSX trumps Vista and XP in every way imaginable, CLICK HERE.


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