FOOTBALL! (of the fantasy sort)


Football is America’s sport. I know baseball gets the distinction of “America’s Pastime,” but football reigns supreme in the States. Football fans are some of the most rabid enthusiasts on the planet. What’s even more amazing is that the same sense of attachment has extended over into people’s fantasy football teams.

If you don’t know what fantasy football is, I’m not going to go into a lengthy, detailed explanation here; let’s just say it’s very, very addictive.

Every year I’m involved in a fantasy football league known as the BFFL (Bishop’s Fantasy Football League). It currently consists of 12 teams, most of of them controlled by men of the cloth from various parts of the South (except for a notable exception in Colorado). We ridicule each other, antagonize our opponents, uncover conspiracies usually involving our commissioner (Bro. Shannon Stanley himself), and generally act like children.

The weird thing is that it completely changes the way you watch football. Five years ago, I would have absolutely no interest in a game between the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But now, since tight end Bo Scaife of the Titans plays on my team and is starting this week, I keep up with what he’s doing to see if he gets that extra touchdown that will put my fantasy team up over a boasting preacher.

Where it becomes really difficult is when you’re a Cowboys fan like myself, and you have someone on the opposing team playing on your fantasy team. Let’s say you need an extra 10 points or so to make up the difference between you and your opponent (in FANTASY football). Your primary wide receiver plays for the Washington Redskins (ew), who are playing the Cowboys this week. The Cowboys are up by 7, and there is one minute left in the game. Washington has the ball. Do you cheer for your wide receiver to catch a bomb and score a TD so that your fantasy team wins, or do you hope that the Cowboys stop the Skins so that your real-life team wins?


Anyways, fantasy football definitely does make the season a bit more interesting. I love it.

By the way, my pal Jeremy has a TV show/webcast, and the last episode was titled “Fantasy Football.” Check it out!


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