I’ve been squirrel hunting once in my life. It was at Great-grandma’s house in Oklahoma. She lived out in the woods, and (theoretically) you could (rhetorically) go hunting without a licence (but I’m not endorsing such an action or admitting guilt).

Dad and I roamed the woods and kind of spread out. Within about 10 minutes, I shot a squirrel out of a tree about 30 yards away. He fell off the limb, flipped down, and got tangled up in a bush as he made his way towards the ground. Dad came over and put the squirrel in the back “pocket” of my coat. The squirrel was dead, but I felt his still-warm body at the base of my back. It was about 35 degrees, so the warmth emanating from his lifeless body was quite noticeable. The short adrenaline rush from killing my first animal was short-lived. I started feeling bad about it almost immediately.

We killed a few more that day, but I realized during that Thanksgiving break that hunting just wasn’t for me. I don’t have any objections to other people hunting; they can do what they want. I would just rather take pictures of them and watch them from as close of a distance as they’ll allow.

Shari and I have a new neighbor. His name is Slappy, and he lives in the tree behind our house. I’ve found him lying around on our roof, our fence, the tree, and today Shari found him getting dangerously close to Apple. They had a wild chase around the yard, from what I hear.

Slappy’s a fox squirrel, which are notoriously less intelligent than gray squirrels. Hopefully Slappy doesn’t wander out into the street and get himself flattened by the KRMD truck that my neighbor drives around.

Here are some pictures of Slappy. Just click on the pictures to go to their Flickr page. I recommend looking at them full-size, as I don’t have a long enough lens to get some really close-up shots of our friend.

Slappy often looks like he’s trying to figure out what I’m doing with the black clicking device.

Um, Excuse Me?

He’s always chilling out like this.

Squirrel Pic #2

Slappy’s namesake…


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