Death Valley

Louisiana isn’t split in several different ways when it comes to college football. Sure, we have Tulane and Louisiana Tech, but do either of those teams pull in fans from all over the state? Of course not. When you talk about college football in Louisiana, you talk about the #2-ranked LSU Tigers.

Tomorrow, we face Florida. Florida already (likely) blew its shot at a national championship birth by getting beat by Auburn last week. Florida/LSU is a pretty decent rivalry, so there was already a lot of heat coming into this game. I’m sure Florida fans would love nothing more than to knock LSU off its perch and bring us down around the #9 level they’re currently at, but judging from what I’ve seen…not gonna happen.

It’s weird how people live and die over the result of a football season. With over 100 Division 1-A teams in the country, millions of people all around the country have one team that is “their’s.”

“WE WON! WE WON!” Eh…no, the players won. You sat at home with your Bulldogs t-shirt on and screamed as potato chips fell from your mouth to your massive gut.

But there’s this weird personal connection between fans and their teams. They wear the colors. They get depressed when they lose. They talk about the upcoming season as soon as the current one ends. They LIVE and DIE for their teams, and in most cases they’ve never even attended the school for which they empty their emotional reservoirs.

I love sports. I’m crazy about them, honestly. I love my LSU Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, and Arsenal FC, so don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little sad when we put more commitment into supporting our team than we do making sure our families are strong and our relationship with God is intact and healthy.

A bit preachy? Perhaps.

But you know it’s the truth.


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