Hitler: Honorary Guest(?)

I’ve always had a thing against liberal universities. How many prominent left-leaning liberal universities are there out there? Harvard? Yale? Columbia? Stanford? I think, for the sake of brevity, that one would have a much easier time making a list of conservative colleges out there.

Liberal bias in America’s colleges isn’t exactly a shocker of a topic. Everyone knows it takes place. It’s just an accepted fact that no one can do anything about. Most of my professors in my looooong college stay have been liberals. To be fair, most were not close-minded towards their more conservative students, but the tilt is highly evident.

Columbia’s college dean admitted they would give Hitler a platform upon which to speak if he was to make a visit to the present-day United States? Well, of course he did. And, yes, I’m sure they would say something like, “Well, we DID say that it would be an open debate where Columbia students would be allowed to challenge him publicly!”

I’m sure this makes them feel noble and proud about their free-speech credentials, but my idea for a United States tour for Hitler would be something more like this…

1. Arrest him the moment he steps foot in the country.

2. Put him in an oven. It only seems appropriate.

There’s your free speech.


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