Power Cord Woes Continue + eBay Junk

Oh, how exciting…I had a friend use his cord to charge up my PowerBook two days ago, and I’ve been saving the power for today so I could check my Email at home. I’ve been using the Mac Pro at church for all the essentials.

I received an Email today from an eBay “powerseller” who I bought my new power cord from. “SAME-DAY SHIPPING,” it said at the bottom of the listing. Well, my payment cleared two days ago, and the power cord shipped today. Well, no problem, you would think! Just give them a neutral or negative feedback score on eBay. Problem solved!

Um, not really.

I have an eBay seller score of 4. I have been involved in nine or ten purchases, but I only have four feedback ratings? That’s because only four members saw fit to leave any feedback, while I ALWAYS leave feedback (and all of it has been positive). I need some more positive feedback. I want to be able to use the BUY IT NOW feature, which is only available to eBayers with ratings of at least 10. I need to have a strong positive rating in order to attract buyers with more consistency.

I’ve gone out of my way to be communicative and polite with every single member, but I still don’t get feedback. Well, if this business receives negative feedback from me because of the late shipping, what are they going to do? Leave me negative feedback, of course. So my hands are tied, while they have a positive feedback rating of…*drum roll*…3,724. They can afford a negative feedback or two, but they also realize that people with such low scores such as myself aren’t going to buck the system and try to prove a point, just to get slapped with a negative feedback rating. They have a 98% satisfactory rating. If they give me negative feedback, I’ll have an 80% satisfactory rating. That’s a huge deal when you only have 5 buyers/sellers who left feedback.

And so my hands are tied. When the power cord arrives (likely on Tuesday), I’ll due their bidding and leave a sweet little feedback message like, “Great Seller! Highly recommended! AAA+++!!!” If you eBay, you’ll get that joke.

And without the power cord, I’ll continue to blog very little until it comes in. The end. 


One thought on “Power Cord Woes Continue + eBay Junk

  1. If you buy my broken Olympus E500 DSLR I’ll leave you a positive feedback! All you’ve got to do is pay the $600 it’s still worth, and then invest another $150 to get the sensor fixed…and you’re off to the races with a mediocre DSLR!

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