A Tale of Two Power Adapters

February 2007. A power cord emitted smoke unexpectedly. Sparks flew. A young man was disheartened and panicked. He was unable to use his beloved PowerBook for over a week. He searched for an official Apple power cord. There was none to be found. The wait on Apple’s site was two months. Such a span of time was unimaginable.

Therefore, the young man bought a power cord from a third-party vendor. The cord was shorter, charged slower, and was horrible unattractive (not Apple-like), but it got the job done moderately well.

September 16, 2007: cord numero dos stops working without any apparent reason. The young man is disheartened and panics. He cannot access his Email, calendar, personal documents, music, and a variety of other essentials. He orders a suitable backup off of eBay, but it will not deliver for another week. He is mortified.

His .Mac account enables him to transfer his Email and calendar to the studio’s Mac Pro, but the documents he needs to pay his bills remain on his computer, unable to be accessed. He is sick to his stomach.

Moral of the story: buy a backup power cord.

Complaint of the story: Apple, please make a power cord that is not going to explode. People buy laptops in order to take them everywhere. They will take their power cords with them. The power cords NEED to be durable.


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