Finally, some relief

This (yesterday, technically) morning I woke up at about 6:00 to take the dog out and realized that it was kind of nippy outside. Not cold, but definitely cooler than it’s been in quite a while. What does this mean? This means My suffering might be coming to an end for the twenty-fourth time in my life.

I don’t do well with hot weather. I’m hot-natured. I sweat profusely, often to my embarrassment. If it gets above 90 degrees outside, I’m going to be soaked, even from walking from my parking spot at Wal-Mart to the door. On that note, thank God that Target just came in by the church.

So is Fall coming? Well, technically it’s only September 13, and there’s going to be a few more hot days ahead. Just the fact that it felt cooler than it has been was enough to make me smile really, really, REALLY widely this morning.

Then I went back to bed until 8:00. I wasn’t that happy about it…


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