Never Forget

Today it’s not a day to talk about politics or the war on terror. We can continue that conversation on September 12. Today is simply a day that we all need to remember; to think about the 2,974 people who were taken from us that day.

Google Image search the attacks. Look at the pictures. Let the emotions, the fear, and the epiphany of that day return to you. Think about what it meant and how it changed our country and our lives forever. Go beyond the political maneuvering that ensued. Go beyond the confusion over how to handle this crisis. Go beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.

Focus on the people who leapt from the towers in order to escape a death in the flames. Focus on those who made their way down flights of stairs only to come up short at the last moment. Focus on the firefighters who bravely gave their lives in order to save others. Focus on the families who lost a loved one who they will never see or hear from again. Focus on THAT day, not the days after it.

Forgetting 9-11 has caused us to lose our perspective. Let’s regain it once again.



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